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18 June 2010 @ 11:23 pm
SECOND BATCH! Vooote, people.

- Applicants, respond anonymously.
- If you're going to do the whole "ask me if I voted you out!" thing, please state who you voted out.
- No speculating about the identity of the applicants!

Now VOTE. Closed!

Character: Knives Chau
Series: Scott Pilgrim
Character Age: 17
Rating: Completely insane

Canon: Scott Pilgrim is a manga-like series about a guy named Scott Pilgrim. He's an average Torontonian 20-something hipster. You know, plays in a band, is the pet heterosexual to his gay roommate he shares a bed with, battles to the death with the League of Exil Ex's for the hand of this chick he met when she used the subspace highway though his brain as a short-cut for her delivery routes. You know. Canadian stuff.

Knives Chau is was IS Scott Pilgrim's GIRLFRIEND and also his NUMBER ONE FAN!!! OK, yes, maybe he technically "broke up" with her when he met that FATTY (who is fat!) Ramona and now he's dating her or whatever, but what he doesn't understand that Knives LOVES HIM FOREVER (and is also FAR LESS FAT (THAT'S IMPORTANT!)). For the most part she's a pretty normal teenage girl, completely infatuated with what she can't have. She's unsure of who she is or who she wants to be, but knows she wants to be viewed as cool by the big kids. Dying her hair, totally changing her fashion sense, trying desperately to keep up with the Cool New Musical Thing, diving from tall balconies in an attempt to stab her Ex's new girlfriend who then has to fight her off with a giant hammer, I mean. We all know a girl like that, don't we?

If only she could relax and take a step back she would see that she is cute, she is smart, she is funny, and that the big kids already think she's pretty cool. There's no need to try so hard. She's already genuinely sweet, cute and likable just the way she is, but it'll be a while before she's mature enough to calm down and understand that. Until then, though, she's going to keep viewing every social interaction as necessary to do a triple backflip through a flaming hoop to impress everyone with how COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY she fits in, which really only ensures that her foot stays firmly lodged in her mouth, and that the Official Narrative Label of "completely insane" is well-earned.

Sample Post:

Wow, omigod, I seriously love your coloration. It's very Winter. I think. Are you, like, from the West Coast or something? That's where American zombies live, right? Ah, wait, no, this place is full of corn. Stupid, Knives, stupid! Corn is in the Mid-West. These are Baptists! R-Right. Hello! It's very nice to meet you. Bless your heart and the Baby Jesus. Shall we listen to some Shania Twain and eat some corn bread, Y'all? Ya'll?

Uhm. Uhm! Wrong answer? Do you want to have some jello pudding with small fruit pieces suspended inside? I'm totally into that! O-or maybe we could together enjoy the comedic stylings of Larry the Cable Guy? I really dig people who "git 'er done." It's a really good expression with a lot of relevance to my life! I- I also like NASCAR! And things with large wheels! I love NASCAR with extra-big wheels! Once I wore my hair in a rat tail! It only looks like this now because of the Liberal Media!

Please don't come any closer! I know you're a very hug-friendly culture, but I just don't feel comfortable with- N-not that it's not OK if you hug, I mean of course it's OK for you to express yourselves however you like, just that I would really rather not when we've first met. Also hugging doesn't involve so much teeth, I think. Not that I'm telling you how to hug! Look, it's not that I don't respect the place that physical contact has in your social expression. I would be most honored to Tea Bag with you all, given the opportunity, it's just that if you keep trying to grab and eat me, I'm going to have to- I'll have to . . . !

OMIGAWD I'm sorry! I had no idea that Baptists' heads were so soft! Well, look, here, I still have the top half of your skull, and- well- not so dirty, right? And that's good, Amuhrican soil right there, which you guys love, right? So why don't we find one of your nice, privately funded hospitals. We'll hook you up with the best faith-healing-doctor-man that your fine, American freedom from medical insurance can afford!

This poll is closed.

In or out?


Name: Moriyama Shiemi
Series: Ao no Exorcist
Age: 15

Canon: In Ao No Exorcist, the human world and the demon world are joined together like two sides of a coin. Demons can not usually cross the border on their own, but are able to enter the human world by possessing a vessel. Satan, the biggest and baddest of the big bad demons, is far too powerful to possess a human for more than a few minutes, and has the brilliant idea to make his own vessel. That vessel is Okumura Rin, the halfbreed son of Satan. Rin was raised by a priest who just happened to be the most powerful Exorcist of basically anywhere ever, and he loved his adoptive father ever so much. So of course, when Satan killed the priest and announced his plans to take over Rin's body, the kid was less than enthusiastic. Instead he decided to go to a special Exorcist school and study super hard, because that's how you do teenage rebellion if you're hellspawn.

At this school, Rin meets Moriyama Shiemi. When Shiemi was younger, her poor health prevented her from going to school or playing with other children. Because of this, she is incredibly shy and na•ve. Her new interest in having friends makes her too trusting of anything others say, and this led to her being attacked by a demon in her own home. After being saved by a really cool Exorcist (and also Rin) she decided to stop being weak and become an Exorcist herself. Shiemi has a timid nature and does not enjoy fights, but she possesses a rare ability to summon and control a demon familiar that makes her a valuable asset to the class. She uses her familiar to summon plants, which are her true passion. What Shiemi lacks in street smarts and social graces she can more than make up for when tending her garden, where she spends most of her free time talking to her beloved plants.

Sample Post:

I was worried about taking this special training mission, but now that I see all the wonderful things here I can't wait to get started! If it's a simple matter of teaching the local plant life about personal boundaries then I'll be finished in no time since these plants seem so eager to please. Maybe if I do a really good job they'll let me stay a little bit longer and help out in the fields. I could even set up a nice herb garden for everyone right over there - eh? What is that? Something is coming up out of the ground. It seems to be struggling. I should go help! Don't worry, I'll be right there!

Isn't that much better? Now that I see you up close, it's no wonder you had trouble coming out. You're so big, after all, and that's a very small hole. I've never seen anything like you before, but I've heard of a plant whose flower rarely blooms and smells like rotting - very strongly, like you! Are you related? The world of plants is so much more varied than I ever imagined. I know you've just sprouted so perhaps this is too soon, but would you mind showing me your flower? Thank you. It's very kind of you to share. Oh, it's ... it's not very impressive. It must still be a bud. Please let me know when you've blossomed. A-ah! Stop! Pulling on your bud won't help at all! Sit down and just leave everything to me. If you want to grow faster, I know just the thing. Now I don't have my gardening supplies with me, but I'm sure I can make do.

This is a nice spot with plenty of light, which is important. But something is still missing ... Oh, that's right! You need food, too. Hehe, stop it, that tickles! I haven't got any snacks for you on me, silly. And besides, you couldn't eat the same things I do. Please don't look so sad - I know exactly what to do. Luckily, there are lots and lots of cows around, so you wait right here while I gather up their manure - Wait! Why are you trying to run away? I promise I have lots of experience with plants!

Ehh? You're not a plant at all?! I'm so sorry! I just assumed- I mean, you came from the ground and you are very green! But still, it was rude of me to leap to conclusions. I'm so sorry. If you are willing to forgive me, I hope that we can become good friends.

... Oh ... but ... if you aren't a plant, then what was the bud I saw in your pants?

This poll is closed.

In or out?


Character: Riku
Series: A*D - Angel's Doubt
Character Age: preteenish

Canon: The world of A*D is populated by rich people who do ridiculous things — case in point is the main character, Fourth Caluanthes, who spends most of his time and money traveling around eating delicious food and wearing gaudy outfits. He is a glittery island that stands alone . . . until his path begins to crisscross with one particular bleeding heart, Eiri Lawrence. But every glittery island needs servants, and Fourth almost always travels with two of them in tow.

Riku is one of Fourth's servants. He's a little scatterbrained, very clumsy and has atrocious luck. He's the kind of person who would bump into you, apologize, smack his head while apologizing, fall over and roll down a hill and into a river. But no matter what mess he gets into, he retains a sense of wonder and a cheerful attitude. One could say that his naivety and gullible nature is ever-present. Riku is fascinated with everything, from buildings and plants to rare birds. He has a perfect memory and can make life-like paper replicas of what he sees. Riku often gives these replicas to people he likes, well, he tries; sometimes instead he falls into a river and they're ruined.

Sample Post:

Oh, excuse me! I'm sorry for bumping into you, I didn’t mean to. . . . I ran into that very nice hairy purple man over there and he sort of pointed me in this direction. But then I tripped, and then a herd of cows ran by, and then I rolled down that hill over there, and then I was chased by bees . . . B-but it's really okay — I mean, I'm okay if you're okay! I don't have anything to compensate you with right now, but if we can just find Fourth, he can help us! That's really what I was trying to do before, see, we came for the crabs.

We were told that this place has the best seafood around! I knew we wouldn't be on the ocean because Fourth hates boats. He says that you can never find your feet, and your stomach runs away, and then you have to catch them, and put them back on and that it's really scary! . . . is that what happened to you? Ah! I didn't mean to be rude! It's just that you look like sailors. . . without any feet or stomachs or anything. I never want to go on a boat no. I can see right through you. Don't you get hungry? Do you have a hard time finding shirts that cover up your . . . hole?

Uh! Don’t worry, that’s okay! You can have this to put in your hole, to fill it up for now and when we find Fourth maybe he’ll have an extra shirt. Oh, no, this isn’t a real banana. It’s made out of paper, see? I can’t make real fruit, and if I just had a real one I think the hairy man might have taken it from me. He seemed like the kind of person who would like bananas. Anyway, just put this fruit in your hole and let’s go meet Fourth.

I can't wait for the crabs! We're going to eat so many of them! Eh? What did you say? I can't quite understand you. . . oh! You have crabs? Do you want to share them with us? I'm sure Fourth will pay you for them. . .

. . . oh, no. I don't think Fourth would want to do that. We've never put money in other people's pants before.

This poll is closed.

In or out?


Character: Mikogami Hayato
Character Age: 15
Series: Sekirei

Canon: The Sekirei Plan is an elaborate game run by a mad scientist intent on creating a "new world mythology." After the discovery of 108 special alien lifeforms (in the form of eggs and embryos), these "Sekirei" are released out into the world to find their "Ashikabi"—humans with special genetics that allow them to bond with Sekirei, "winging" them with a kiss and forging an everlasting bond. For many Sekirei, the reaction is one of deep love and fondness, and partnerships are based on mutual attraction. However, there are those Ashikabi who choose to forcibly wing Sekirei that aren’t reacting to them—an act usually seen as unforgivable, or at the least, unpleasant.

Mikogami Hayato really doesn’t give a damn what people think. A spoiled rotten, entitled, rich, bratty teenager, Mikogami views the Sekirei Plan as a super exciting game and is determined to catch and wing as many Sekirei as possible. Mikogami is impulsive enough to abandon sense and morality (not that he had much to begin with) in his pursuit of his collection—though he is also a stickler for the rules and hates cheating almost as much as he loves rare shinies. Cheerfully adorable, often petulant, and completely spontaneous, Mikogami is the Ashikabi equivalent of a yappy lapdog. However, he can also be shockingly smooth, cunning, and dangerously focused when he wants to be, and is seen as one of the major players in the running to “win” the entire competition—though he tends to keep this side of himself on the down-low. Despite his mildly sociopathic tendencies and occasional lack of affect, his intentions towards his Sekirei aren’t in themselves cruel. It’s just, you know, he’s in this to win!

Note: Mikogami’s strongest Sekirei and babysitter right-hand-man is #05, Mutsu.

Sample App:

Uwahhhhh~ ♫

This is exciting, it’s so exciting! I’ve never been to a camp before, let alone one as interesting as this! When I got the invitation, I was a little dubious. Like, what if this is a trap~? I’m already in the middle of a game, you know! I can’t really afford to leave all my Sekirei at home and go to another continent to play games even if the place looks really, really, really cool . . . but then, they said there were real live espers and super rare pyromaniacs that aren’t Sekirei and even dragons. Soooo . . . it’s not that big a deal if I just come check things out for a little bit, right? Right! ♥

So, here I am! Ehe, Mutsu’s gonna be a little mad that I ran off without telling him~ but I’m sure he’ll understand. After all, I’m a V.I.P. guest! I practically have a responsibility to be here! The email I got said I had been specially selected, and all I had to do was transfer $100,000 into a Nigerian bank account as a sort of registration fee. You know, for special attendees! . . . though now that I think about it, I never got a reply back, so that’s kind of weird. But that’s all in the past, ne?

What really matters is: show me what kind of things everybody can do! I want to see tentacles and bunny girls and angels and cannibals and—ummmm, okay, maybe not cannibals, unless you’ve already eaten—and people with swords as big as they are! If you’re not super interesting, I don’t care about you—I’m a busy guy, you know, and I have a game to return to! Buuuut if you’re interesting, I want to see! And maybe some of you can come back with me~ I can’t collect any more Sekirei since all 108 of them have been winged, you know, so maybe I can start a new collection! I’ll call it: the Post-Ending New & Interesting Specimen plan, or for short, just the P-E- . . . u-ummmm, okay, never mind that~ haha, how about we just don’t name it and somebody just blows something up with their mind instead?

This poll is closed.

In or out?


Character: Mutsu
Series: Sekirei
Character Age: 19-20

Canon: The Sekirei Plan: these days it refers to a mad scientist's scheme to make 108 sexy aliens fight to KO by ripping each other's clothes off, but it wasn't always all fun and games. The first five Sekirei — including Sekirei #05, Mutsu — were raised from infancy to become a "Disciplinary Squad". They sank battleships and destroyed tanks, and were strong enough to hold off international invasion forces all on their own. But the amount of death (and the hyperactive, domineering nature of the other Squad members) never really sat well with the stoic Mutsu. When the invasion ended, Mutsu walked away from the carnage to try to find himself... and ended up getting kissed and "winged" (an act most Sekirei consider equivalent to marriage) by a hyperactive, dominant rich brat, Mikogami. Oops!

Mutsu has since resigned himself to the life of the put-upon sidekick to an energetic fifteen-year-old with no social conscience. And although Mutsu complains to no end about it, he aids Mikogami in his goal of collecting Sekirei like most kids collect comics. Mutsu has a very long-suffering attitude, perpetually the straight man to all the absurd people who surround him. He likes to think of himself as the contained and conservative "silent noble samurai" figure, but he's more of "the bitch" — and one who barely tolerates the indignities and bellyaches about them constantly. To be fair, he's got reasons to grumble, since Mikogami isn't above either using him as a deadly killing weapon against anyone who draws his petulant rage
or sexually harassing him the moment they're alone together. Even Mutsu has trouble understanding how he can love Mikogami some days. But although he'll commit all sorts of cruelties for Mikogami's sake (albeit with an irritable protest or ten), Mutsu isn't hard-hearted. He sympathizes a great deal even with his opposition, and is willing to provide a dubious listening ear or a word of cynical encouragement.

Sample App:

I should have realized.

"Mutsuuuu, I want to go to summer camp, let's go to summer camp, Mutsuuuuu!" It's never that simple, is it? That brat, playing on my desperate need for a vacation like this. It'll be nice, Mutsu. We can get away from the rest of my household stuffed so full of Sekirei that I've lost count for a while, Mutsu. Just the two of us, Mutsu — oh, no, don't be silly, Mutsu, you can't go by yourself... as if I could be convinced by anything BUT the promise of some peace and quiet, and it's not like I'd get any around him. Ah, but if my idiot master was going to say that much, perhaps he should have made some effort to stay near me, so I wouldn't end up all by myself in the middle of a cornfield.

In fact, the only people I've come across here is what appears to be a zombie bridal party — and I can't even believe I'd be put in a situation where I could say such a thing. Admittedly, it doesn't exactly look like a happy wedding; the bride's rotting, not blushing, and if the only thing weeping about her is her sores. Thanks to my life at my master's side, I'm fluent enough in 'incoherent moron' to make out the gist of their conversation... without a doubt, it's an arranged marriage. The girl's due to wed some 'hairy brute'... ahhh, if she doesn't want to, why doesn't she leave? She's even practicing her wedding oath: to have and to hold 'til gunshot wound do them part. What kind of oath is that? Even under the circumstances, mine was better. What's wrong with a simple traditional "forever and ever"?

... But who am I to criticize anyone else's marriage? Even if she doesn't wish to do it, she's choosing to go through with it. I've no right to express any kind of distaste for arranged marriages given the number I've participated in. And perhaps it'd be worth it to her. Maybe marrying a primate really seems like a good way out of a life among her fellow brain-eating undead; marriage has always been one way to leave the nest. If they're a different species, and if he's unrefined like they say, it'd probably be rocky now and then... but it's their decision to make. Maybe she'd even grow to love him in time. And... perhaps for all his flaws, he'd...

Anyway, her decision is none of my concern. My concern is more with their talk of a 'wedding feast'; a zombie's eating habits are pretty famous. With my master still at large, it's hard not to worry — after all, he's technically a brainy guy, even if he's thoughtless enough that they might not see him as their natural prey. And though I know Mikogami won't appreciate what I do for him, I can't risk losing him to them. If there's no wedding, there will be no feast. I'll guarantee it'll be called off: the rest of the wedding party, including the groom, will die. I'll let her survive, though; perhaps it will be painful, but she still has the potential to thrive, free from her relatives' influence and without having their arrangements forced on her.

It might not be the sort of message I'd usually leave in a guest book, but my apologies to the bride, and my best wishes for luck in her future unlife.

This poll is closed.

In or out?


Character: Matthew Perrier
Series: Delicious Gakuin
Character Age: ~16

Canon: Somewhere deep in the mountains and far away from people, there's a school known as Delicious Gakuin. It was built for one purpose: creating the best chefs in the world. The students - who are brought there against their will - are stuck until their graduation three years later. It's a tough process, and they are forced to undergo very difficult and strict training. However! There is a way out of this. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to battle the staff and principal in cooking battles. Matthew, one of the protagonists, is a member of a group known as the Delicious Five. Together, they intend to take on the staff and principal so that they can graduate early.

Matthew is spoiled due to having been raised by rich parents, and because of this, he's used to the finer things in life. There's never really been a time where he hasn't had the best, and he's not used to doing most things by himself since there's always been someone else to do it. His social status can sometimes result in him thinking that he's above poor people things, but thanks to the help from one of his friends, he's started to get better about that. Despite the occasional show of arrogance, he's actually pretty friendly and enjoys befriending others. If his friends are in trouble, he'll do what he can to help them! He has a tendency to be positive and energetic, too. When it comes to cooking, Matthew's specialty is with making sauces. Using his spoon Amour, he is able to create delicious sauces that will make people want to lick their plates clean. There are times where he'll get down on himself about his ability to cook, but with the support of his friends he is able to continue on.

Note: Due to a lot of moving that he's done, Matthew speaks a mishmash of languages. He peppers his speech with French and awkward sounding English. When he speaks, the result might be something like "Me's impression is, it's a mountain."

Sample Post:

Ah~! Monsieur Zombie! Me is very sorry that I arrived late; me knows you were expecting me much earlier than this! It was very hard to walk through the cornfields that this place seems to have, which is why it took me so long to arrive here at the mess hall! Me is very tired, though, because me was not expecting to get lost in them. Me is very delayed because of that, so I hope that I did not delay what you were planning too much, Monsieur Zombie. I know that there are things that must be done before the campers come to eat their meals soon, so... let's together! If we can start now, me and Amour will be able to create delicious sauces that will make them want to lick their plates~! Me is sure that we will make yummy food for everyone as long as we work together. Simple, simple!

... Monsieur Zombie, are these the foods and recipes that you plan on working with...? Me is not very sure about how well that these will all go together, but you might have a très bien idea for everything that you have here. But-- Monsieur Zombie, this baconnaise that you have does not sound like it would be delicious mixed with wasabi. Maybe if you were to mix it with a little of this tomato sauce instead, me thinks that it might be much more délicieux! Many of these other things do not seem like they would go well with that sort of sauce, though... squid does not seem to mix well with bacon, from what me has heard--aha! Monsieur Zombie, me thinks that I will use some of this salad that you have, too! Using Amour, me will make a yummy salad for the people that attend this camp!

So, let's see! Mmm~! Me can already taste the salad dressing that I have planned-- with my genius skills, me will make these ingredients even more delicious! Watch carefully, s'il vous plaît! I shall show you the potential of these ingredients so that they will taste yummy. Amour, let's do our best to make them tasty! First, we'll pour in the tomato sauce slowly, stirring it as it goes into the bowl. Once it's all in the bowl, we can go ahead and add in some of these spices that you have in here as well. Finally, we'll pour some of this baconnaise in! Me's partner, Amour, will create a miracle of flavor together with me. Like the tornado that me had experienced before arriving, we shall stir this together, Amour!

There we go~! It tastes perfect! Me is sure that whoever tries it with their salad will enjoy it, Monsieur Zombie. Although... perhaps we should name it? All good dishes deserve a name that's très bien, of course. Ah-- me knows! Monsieur Zombie, I would like to give this dressing the name of Coral Heaven! It is a magnifique name for something that will taste wonderful-- huh? Monsieur Zombie, are you okay? Me thinks that your arm looks like it will fall off! Please be careful around the dressing if that is true... but maybe we should get you to the infirmary. I think that they might be able to sew your arm back on properly-- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

This poll is closed.

In or out?

Ryuugamine Mikado: Because I am cleverike_b_ukuro on June 19th, 2010 03:27 am (UTC)
Gon (ゴン): Goddamn tagline of the show.gonwiththewind on June 19th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Gon (ゴン): How can you say no to this face?gonwiththewind on June 19th, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)

RIKU YOU APPEAR TO BE SOME KIND OF SHOUTA AU RYOUTAROU let's hang out and hurt ourselves doing mundane tasks and apologize for getting hurt. And Matthew, well, you still have the worst hair I have ever seen. \o/ GOOD LUCK GUYS
楼山 早輝 (Rouyama Saki): A fuzzy costume and a lot of hypeisdrivingbear on June 19th, 2010 03:28 am (UTC)

Yeah, that's an ALL IN.
Rachel Berry: when she loved megoldstarring on June 19th, 2010 03:29 am (UTC)
Rachel Berry: i get a kick out of yougoldstarring on June 19th, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
all ins o>
Scott Pilgrim: Yes!  Brownies!  In North Dakota!vs_everything on June 19th, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)

... I ... I can't vote on this account uh oops hold on. :(
Harley Quinn: I AM STD FREE!hench_wench on June 19th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)


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Claire Redfield: You know you wouldmade_inheaven on June 19th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)


Raphael: i... want... burritos!healingcock on June 19th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)

ALL IN oh god knives i laughed until my sides hurt

Edited at 2010-06-19 03:41 am (UTC)
Tyki Mikk: et in memoria aeterna erit † animumy_pleasure on June 19th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
All in. :|b
Hikari Natsumi: \o/ridestherider on June 19th, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
MATTHEW sjfskldjfjksg
Hikari Natsumi: Springtime for Decade and Hikari.ridestherider on June 19th, 2010 03:39 am (UTC)
A very easy all in from me. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. aaaaaa matthew
i forgot my name. can i have yours?: you aren't ready for this.slipout on June 19th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
. . . . . . . . pfffthahahahahah ♥
Tōgū Takanari: brb; going to my happy place.my_numbertwo on June 19th, 2010 03:47 am (UTC)
I AM GOING TO RE-READ SINCE I SEEM TO BE A HATER! But that was. . . Shiemi, Matthew, Mutsu, and Riku as my outs.

Uh, nope, sticking with those. Sorry, guys! Hit for crit!

Edited at 2010-06-19 03:49 am (UTC)
Hidari Shoutarou: What comes next... What's your name?halfhard on June 19th, 2010 03:36 am (UTC)

all in \o/
(Deleted comment)
Second Year Representative Nango Ryuujigrillitwithfire on June 19th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
oh yeah it is 5 am for me and i only got up to check apps

so abstaining on everyone else. for now
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藤堂 尚也 ● toudou naoya: I banged your mom last nightbeyourtrueminds on June 19th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
That was all INs, I think!
Yutaka Mikoto: It's a Sony! ♥whinederella on June 19th, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)

All ins! \\>w<// ♥
Jubilation Leeblowsurmind on June 19th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)