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21 December 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Last round! VOTE ON ERYNE'S BATCH. This one here, s'il-vous plait. GOOD COMMUNITY.

As a side note, Gmail has been hating on some apps, which means that it basically vored the files. If there are any formatting errors or weird symbols in this batch, it is likely my fault since I went in and manually fixed it, and not the applicant's! Please keep this in mind. ♥

- Applicants, respond anonymously.
- If you're going to do the whole "ask me if I voted you out!" thing, please state who you voted out.
- No speculating about the identity of the applicants!

Now VOTE. Closeddd.

Character: Tenjou Utena.
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Character Age: 14 (middle school).
Canon: Try to imagine the most prestigious Academy for young students, with a cult-like Student Council who hold frequent duels among each other in order to possess a Rose Bride. Quite the mouthful, right? Wrong! There's still more. On top of the duels that will grant the winner the ultimate power to bring the world revolution (nobody knows what that is, but apparently receiving letters from an anonymous source are total incentive), we're introduced to the farce's main player, a middle school student who's denser than a brick building named Tenjou Utena.

After being orphaned as a young child, she crawled into a coffin and vowed to wait until her death so she could be with her parents again. That is, until a faceless prince offered her a rose ring and the hope to carry on, for he would come again for her some day. As with all events though, the memory became so convoluted over time that Utena barely remembers what happened that stormy night, which probably had a hand in her current desire to be just like the prince that saved her! Even though she's a girl. So now we see her wearing a boy's uniform, beating all the guys at basketball, and totally unaware of the fact that she's being used as a very convenient pawn. Oh, well. At least the girl has enough determination to protect those that need it to last her several lifetimes.

That all depends on whether we're talking about the acid trip movie version or not. And we're not! Rest assured, she won't be turning into a car anytime soon.

Sample Post:

Well this was a stupid idea. I bet Saionji was the one who came up with it. Figures.

How're you supposed to duel in a swamp anyway, huh? I don't pretend to make the rules about all this, but I think they've gone pretty far this time. The map wasn't even that helpful. 'Over the river and through the woods'? If you haven't noticed, the Academy's surrounded by a forest and there aren't even any rivers nearby! Well, uhh. Except for that one sign that said 'deh-nile', but I'm pretty sure there wasn't any water around. Let me tell you, whoever drew those pictures on the map didn't help either! I couldn't even tell what those stick figures were doing, and what has that got to do with finding the dueling arena, anyhow? Seriously! Did anyone even look at this place before they made the decision to move? Gahh, I can barely walk through this muck! D'you think we can just go back to the regular dueling arena we had before? Then we wouldn't have to worry about getting stuck in quicksand, bitten by those snakes over there, or even E-Eh ... GORILLAS?!

Okay, that's it. This is just crazy. We're not dueling here, I won't do it! Who's with me? ... Heyyy, wait a minute. That's weird, nobody's even here yet. Helloooooo! Guys? Huh, I guess I'll just sit here and wait. There's no use trying to find my way back to school when I don't even remember how I got here in the first place. Geez, you think Saionji would've wanted to make this place easy to find so we'd be able to duel sooner. It's really wild around here though, isn't it? Nothing like the place I expected him to pick. If we weren't dueling, I would've liked to walk around for a while and explore. Seems like the perfect place for an adventure, doesn't it? Well, maybe if it weren't so weird. I don't remember hearing any stories where the prince had to save a princess from parrots that wear pants and tell you you're going to die. It kind of kills the mood, huh?

Haaaaaaa. I'm going to get stiff just sitting around here like this. Maybe if somebody explained what the heck those gorillas are pointing at-- oh. Oh! That's weird, I didn't see the sign before. Gahhh just my luck, it's smudged. 'Camp Fudge Your Eye'? Great, that made sense just like the rest of this place. At least I know it's an actual camp and not in the middle of nowhere. Maybe that means there're other people around? No use waiting any longer if nobody's going to show up, I guess. Ah, unless ... What if they got lost trying to find it? Himemiya-- No, I told her about this place before we went to school ... Didn't I? Gahhh, this is all my fault! She's probably lost somewhere in the woods and I-- why didn't I think to tell her--


In or out?


Character: Luck Gandor
Series: Baccano!
Character Age: 20

Canon: Mafia, speakeasies, and demons OH MY! --Wait, demons? Well, a demon, to be specific. A demon who granted a ship of alchemists with eternal life 200 years ago. It is New York in the 1930's, and through some chaos, commotion, and confusion, a handful of mafiosos and a pair of idiot (though endearing) thieves find themselves accidentally the newest generation of immortals. Included among this handful of now-immortal mafiosos are the Gandor brothers.

The youngest of three brothers that head the Family, Luck Gandor is known for being a brilliant leader. Well-read and well-spoken, Luck cuts quite the charismatic figure--perfect for the face of a mafia family. Surprising for a mafia boss, though, Luck also tends to occasionally wear his heart on his sleeve. Not that said sleeve is in any way an easy target for an enemy. As ruthless as he is pretty, Luck is no wuss when it comes to protecting his Family and himself. Willing and able to beat a man to death with a chair, Luck has also shot up his own hand in order to shove it down someone's throat and doomed another immortal to repeated drowning at the bottom of the Hudson River.

Sample Post:

Well! I guess after finding out that immortality is more than just a fantasy, the existence of zombies isn't too much of a stretch. Zombies in organized crime, on the other hand, is difficult to believe, but hey, who am I to question the strange and unusual? Most people wouldn't get up again after getting made into a beehive via machine gun either. Haha, to get to experience all these extraordinary things ... I guess I'm just lucky that way! No pun intended, of course. If you'd take me to your leader, it would be appreciated. That is the way negotiations are meant to work, after all --boss to boss, or something along those lines, at least.

All right then, while I can accept the existence of zombies in the mafia, it's really hard to wrap my mind around this sudden transportation. It's too hard to believe this is still New York. New York really isn't much for swamplands, especially with ... snow ... Snow? In summer? That's ridiculous, I can't have traveled through time too. But if I can suddenly be in a different place, being in a different time as well isn't too far a stretch. ...Do swamplands even snow in winter? Oh well, I suppose finding out where exactly I am is another question I have for your boss.

Ah, hello. You'd be the leader here, then? Good day. I'm Luck Gandor, from the Gandor Family; it's nice to meet you. First and foremost, I would like to promise you that I am not interested in taking this land for my own Family-- we're perfectly fine with what we have. All I want is guaranteed safe passage back home and an explanation as to why I was brought here. While I find traveling quite interesting, I usually prefer having prior notice to making travel plans. Now, you see, I'm supposed to be heading to a party I'd been looking forward to. It'd be in really bad taste for me to show up late just because of some kind of elaborate joke. Though I would suppose you'd know all about bad taste, wouldn't you. The constant clamoring of this group about brains does not go very far in the process of making friends with another Family; I'm frankly rather surprised you never taught your men that. Which is to say, please have them maintain a larger distance from me, I don't remember giving any of you permission--tch.

While your interest in my brains is flattering and appreciated, allow me to say that I'm only willing to share them metaphorically. Please ask your men to remove their teeth from my head. Thank you.

In or out?


Character: Tendou Souji
Series: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Character Age: 21

Canon: Kamen Rider Kabuto is all about worms from outer space who can mimic (take over your form) then destroy you in an attempt to like take over the world!1!11 It's pinky and the brain science, really. Then comes the main character; Tendou Souji. This guy. Man, this guy is an arrogant piece of-- I mean, Tendou Souji is better than you at everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Even though he doesn't go to college or have a job, he's still good at everything, from sports to cooking to telling if a worm is a worm and etc. It's because he grew up believing that he is super special awesome and his tagline is, "Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything." Because he will. Rule everything that is. He'll also quote his grandmother trying to teach you the moral of the day, while cooking you a magnificent meal worthy of the gods, ie. him. However, because of his arrogance, he tends to rub people the wrong way, but that's okay because he's Kamen Rider Kabuto and his goal in life is to wipe out all worms so that his worm!sister can live a happy life among humans.

Sample Post:

Grandma said, "You must be open to all the mysteries of the world."

As a national treasure, it's my duty to accept and acknowledge that this land is one of those great mysteries. However, I will use my own two hands to mold it after my own image. After all, my name is Tendou Souji; walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything. Look, there, the sun shines upon me through the clouds, marking me as a superior being. Even the gorillas stand at attention, waiting for the first step I take upon their land; the land of Camp Fuck You Die, the land where toucans sing shrilly of my magnificence. There is no need to fill me in on what to do here; I've already done all the information gathering possible for this trip.

Ah, you want to know why such a man as I would visit this place? The answer is simple; I've come to allow you to acknowledge me as the man who rules it all. The first thing I'll do is instruct your zombies on the etiquette of cooking. I've brought with me a ramen cart, built with my own hands. No longer will they dine upon the simple fare of humans and raw brains. No, I will teach them that there is finesse and culture in the ways of sustenance.

Yes, I'm talking about you. No, there's no need to bow. Nor is there any need to create a mess out of your own limbs. Simply listen to my instructions and perhaps something useful will come out of what little brains you have left inside that decaying head of yours. Now, first, take the eggs and crack them gently against the side of the table. I said gently. Grandma once said that, "There is an art to cooking." Ah, you seem to be listening. Now, carefully cup the shells and transfer the yolk between them, while allowing the whites to fall into the bow--

Hm? I don't take kindly to having a cooking session interrupted. Especially by one whose limbs are barely attached. Here I was attempting to teach this woman how to cook and you barge in without any respect towards both my student, as well as me. I won't take such an insult kindly . . . oh? She's your girlfriend. You thought I was . . . don't be foolish; a man like me would never attach to a woman like her. The woman whom I will spend the rest of my life with must be as magnificent as I am. Although, I'm not sure such a woman exists; surely there is hope.

After all, Grandma once said, "In love, there is always a reason and way."

In or out?


Character name: Eli
Series: Let the Right One In (book)
Character age: Looks 12

Canon: Let The Right One In is a vampire romance about as far from Twilight as you can come. The story is gritty and realistic and the vampires are far from idealistic. Oskar, a bullied 12-year old kid, gets a new neighbour a cold night late in October 1981, a strange girl with the name Eli. Oskar just sees her outside after the dark and she can only enter buildings after getting invited. At the same time the corpse of a boy is found hanging in a tree, drained of blood...

Eli is, of course, a vampire, or as she says herself, "someone who lives on blood". While she has lived for 220 years, the truth is that Eli is still very much just a 12 year old child, and this is probably the reason she has survived for so long, kids can easily be cruel and Eli won’t hesitate to take to violence to defend herself. Eli is strange; she doesn't remember that you’re supposed to freeze when it’s cold or that normal people bathe. Loud music scares her and she obsessively plays with puzzles. She rarely speaks more than a sentence at a time and is usually very abrupt and to the point. When it comes down to it though, Eli is just another twelve-year-old, and really isn’t any more mature or special than Oskar himself.

Note: There’s a great deal of gender-confusion surrounding Eli.

Sample Post:

What’re you doing, Purple? I was here first, and I want to be alone. You don’t really think for yourself, do you? Like the things which are about to drop their limbs. Are those really supposed to be gross? Not even a normal kid would be scared, or even wrinkle their nose. There’s a lot, lot worse out there. And you, Mister, why are you purple? It’s fashionable for monkeys to be purple, now? Instead of walking around going baaanaaanaaas, baaanaaanaaas, looking for the phooone. You and the undead will become friends if you do. I’m sure you’d draw a real audience to this place in that case. I could teach you how.

You want to take me to eat, instead? I really don’t think you should do that. I don’t really… Eat. And don’t you think it’s getting a little late? It’s almost 5 am… of course that’s late, why are you staring at me like that? Did you ever meet a university student that thought five was when you got up and not when you went to bed? I guess maybe if it was five in the afternoon. Anyway, you have to say “you can come in”. Invite me. It’s polite. No, I don't want to watch you sleep. Do I look like a sucker for trashy romance novel plots? It’s almost dawn, not twilight.

It’s all right. I don’t need to be allowed into your bedroom. I can find something else to eat, and somewhere else to sleep. Then I have to leave. I will find some way, there always is one. You say I can stay at the shower room appropriate for my gender? That’s a really unfair wording! I’ll just sleep in the lake, if it’s going to be like that. Someone lives in the lake already? Doesn’t matter. Now that Mister Purple is gone, what’s your name? Marcy, that’s a pretty name. Mine is Eli. You have cards here. Do you like to play? You can build houses with them. But you have to be careful, like this. Could you help me? I need an invitation. To… just somewhere. I can pay, I have a few thousand here. People… gave it to me. You don’t want money? You just want an invitation too? That’s fair. You can have my invi-

Try that again and I’ll go for the neck.

In or out?


Character: Himemiya Chikane
Series: Kannazuki no Miko
Character Age: 16

Canon: What magical girl series is complete without lesbian priestesses battling the forces of evil in space? Certainly not Kannazuki no Miko, the tale of Japanese schoolgirls Himemiya Chikane and Kurusugawa Himeko, whose connection with one another is enough to not only transcend the boundaries of status and gender, but also to entice the powerful and destructive group known as the Orochi to try and kill them. On the eve of their sixteenth birthdays, Chikane and Himeko discover that their lives are about to change drastically, as they are revealed to be the legendary priestesses of the Sun and Moon, destined to gain miraculous powers and protect the world from its destruction. Thrust into positions of power they never dreamt possible, both girls soon discover that they have another obstacle to overcome along with everything else: their intense feelings for one another.

Beautiful, graceful, talented, and quietly reserved, Himemiya Chikane is widely considered to be the princess of Ototachibana Academy. She excels in both academics and extra-curricular activities, practicing such talents as piano, archery, and charming pretty girls with her smile. To the outside world, Chikane's wealth and good looks make her a model student. Inside, however, she is conflicted by how everyone seems to treat her as though she is perfect. She rarely confides in anyone, and though she may put on a polite face and show kindness to others, no one in her life will look at her beyond her accomplishments and good looks. It's not until she meets Himeko that Chikane learns how to show how she really feels: sad, lonely, but with a deep sense of compassion for others. After discovering the honest kindness in Himeko, Chikane begins to open up and trust others, as well as beginning to believe in herself.

Sample Post:

That was quite a fall you took. Are you alright? Here, I'll help you walk. Just grab onto my shoulders -- and don't worry about getting my uniform dirty. You can't help your skin condition, I know. It's just the way you are. I know what it's like not having the power to change your problems... it's frightening, and a lot of times you want to run away and hide, but if you can embrace all the things about you, troublesome or not, you'll grow into a stronger and better person. Do you think you can do that, GrYaargh-san? I'm willing to help you every step of the way. I may only be a girl... but if I can help someone overcome their problems, I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe, my life has gained some meaning.

Though... perhaps I've presumed too much. My apologies. We can talk about all of that later. If you're still hurting from the impact, it might be best to have a doctor look at you. You don't have to be shy about your problem; doctors are there to help people, aren't they? It's their job. We must all admit that we need help sometimes, otherwise there will be obstacles we'll never overcome. It's not a bad thing to depend on others, I think. After all, it's when we make friendships and acquaintances that we learn new things about the world, and how other people have experienced it. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble thing, don't you agree? But, I've gotten ahead of myself once again. Ha ha, I suppose we should take care of your leg first. I'm not a physician, but I do know basic first aid. Maybe it would be best if we got it bandaged, to keep the swelling down. I don't know how far it is to the nearest hospital, and we don't want your condition to get worse. Here, lie down, okay? I don't have a first aid kit with me, but if I rip my skirt, I can use the strips as makeshift bandages. It'll have to do for now. Don't worry about my skirt, I don't mind being a little exposed. What's important is that you're okay.

There. Is that too tight? You can tell me if I'm hurting you. I want to become the kind of person you can trust, GrYaargh-san. Not just as the person you fell for -- literally -- but as a person who helps others. I know I must not be very capable, but as long as I try, I think I can make a difference in the lives of others. ... Maybe that's arrogant of me, to think I can do that. You're the person who knows yourself best, aren't you? I'm sorry, GrYaargh-san. Let me just tighten your bandage a little bit so it doesn't fall off, and then we'll --

-- GrYaargh-san! Are you okay? I-I didn't -- I didn't think I'd tied it so tight your whole leg would come off! I'm so sorry! We need to take you to a doctor right away! I'm sorry... I shouldn't have thought I could save you... and now I've only made things worse. Maybe this is how it should be -- maybe it would be best to not interfere in the lives of others, to let them learn how to cope with the hurdles life presents to them on their own. No... no, it doesn't seem right. It isn't right to just leave people who need help all on their own, when they're crying out for salvation and no one will listen! I've lived too long ignoring the needs of others, and it's nearly cost me everything. Never again will I abandon someone who needs my support. Don't worry, GrYaargh-san. I vow that I will save you, no matter what it takes. I promise. Even if it's selfish of me, and even if I end up making things worse for you, what truly matters is that I tried, didn't I? Yes... I tried. I've tried so hard, and I've gotten so far, and in the end... I will make it matter.

In or out?


Character: Gosalyn Waddlemeyer-Mallard
Series: Darkwing Duck
Character Age: Nine.

Canon: Canon: Gosalyn was a vivacious, but lonely little duck girl living in an orphanage and hoping for a family to find her and take her in, when instead she found herself targeted by the crime lord Taurus Bulba. Just when she needed rescuing -- or rather, once she was holding her own rather well against Taurus' henchmen -- Darkwing Duck, professional crimefighter and (sort of) famous masked defender of St. Canard, swooped in to save the day. He had no choice but to take her back to his secret lair for safekeeping, and quickly found himself growing attached to her. After saving her life a couple of times, Darkwing allowed Gosalyn to know his civilian identity, Drake Mallard, which is the name he used to formally adopt her.

Gosalyn is a demanding and precocious kid, and like a lot of children trapped in Disney cartoons, she's cursed with being smarter than what's good for her. She's a constant strain on her father's patience and his cardiac health -- and not just because of her hyper-enthusiasm for breaking his rules, destroying his furniture, and deflating his ego. Her habit of following him around on the job makes her a constant target for Darkwing's enemies, the Fearsome Five, though no one ever seems to wonder why Darkwing always has a little girl and her best friend tagging along behind him. None of her close calls with death or serious injury ever seem to slow her down, probably because Gosalyn is clever and resourceful enough to outsmart the bad guys on her own, most of the time -- she even spent some time as the arrow slinging superhero Quiverwing Quack, and when it suits her she finds it easy not only taking on not only Darkwing's dangerous profession, but also his arrogant, dramatic attitude.

Despite her rebellious nature and even her tendency to insult him, Gosalyn obviously adores her father, and when things get to be too much for her to handle she knows she can trust Darkwing to swoop in and save the day.

Sample Post:

Wow, Dad's never gonna believe me when I tell him about this, and he said summer camp would be boring, shows what he knows, but this place is even better than Leap Year of the Walking Flesh Ghouls 7, which is only the fourth greatest zombie action movie of all time. Okay, so maybe I won't tell my dad that, since he's a major hard case about stuff like blood and gore and technically he said I wasn't allowed to stay up and watch that movie on a school night but what Dad doesnŐt know won't hurt him, and it won't hurt me, either. Getting grounded for the whole weekend is a drag, especially when I could be on the verge of making maybe the coolest discover than any kid ever--

--Keen gear. There's more of them! Oh, man, if only Honker could see me now! It's a good thing those things don't move very fast, but that's probably because their arms and legs are falling off as the festering wounds begin to rot and the maggots crawl into their brains and their organs begin to dissolve from the inside out and -- uh, there's even more of them. I think I better start getting out of here just a little bit faster, eheheÉ You don't think they're really dangerous, do you? ... Anybody?


Okay, enough of this! I'm not running! It's time to take matters into my own hands! Dad thought he was getting me out of the way so he could get some work done but little did he know that in Louisiana adventure is lurking around every corner and inside every creepy camp conveniently located in a swamp! Maybe I don't really know what's going on around here, but Gosalyn Mallard -- I mean, Quiverwing Quack, Hunter of the Night, Zombie Slayer Extraordinaire, is on the case!

So I don't have my costume. Or my mask. Or my arrows, but big deal. I have what's important, and that's spirit and heart and all that other stuff that makes a hero great, so don't think you can mess with me and get away with it! Stand back, zombies, because you've met your match! You know what this means!

Let's get dangerous.

... That wasn't too much, was it?

In or out?


Character: Uru Takamura
Series: Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume/Happy Café
Character age: 16

Canon: Café Bonheur is a moderately popular coffee shop with a small, ragtag group of workers, including the yakuza-like "demon king" of a pastry chef Shindou (whose first name is disclosed on pain of death) and the deadpan Ichirou Nishigawa, who falls asleep when he's hungry. The newest member of the team and the heroine/narrator of our story is Uru Takamura, who recently moved out of home after mistakenly believing herself to be a burden for her newly remarried mother and stepfather, and became drawn to the café as a place "where even she can make someone happy". A energetic and friendly girl, full of smiles and wearing her heart on her sleeve, Uru quickly finds a niche in her new part-time job and brings to it a certain life that her generally unsmiling colleagues lack.

Tiny while being unusually strong, and something of a childish tomboy, Uru is also loud, excitable and not all that bright. As a "people-loving person", she is always eager to help others with their problems while having a tendency to bottle up her own. That's not to say she doesn't get irritated or lose her temper sometimes though, because she does, just usually at the defense of others. Optimistic almost to a fault, she barrels through life with infectious enthusiasm, passion and the delicacy of an elephant. Uru also has an earnest, often very loud appreciation of sweets and cakes and other delicious things, possibly because she usually fails at cooking anything more difficult than rice.

Sample Post:

Hello everyone! I'm Uru Takamura and I am filling in for Raggh-san's "Happy Fun Cooking Hour with Humans" today! Originally it was going to be the both of us, except I, erm, accidentally knocked into him and he kind of fell to pieces! I really don't know my own strength sometimes, ahaha ... I didn't feel right about continuing without him, but he was really worried about his audience and viewers though, and he insisted that the show must go on, so here I am. I'll try to do my best! Oh, and don't worry, folks: Raggh-san's being looked after and I'm sure he'll be back in no time! You should all send him some cards or messages to cheer him up. I mean, who knows? They might help to speed up his recovery, and wouldn't that be great!

Oh, I know! I'm going to show you all how to make a simple vanilla cake, and then maybe some of you can send one to him! You'd be surprised how just a bite of cake can bring a smile to someone's face! Also, this is something that one of my co-workers taught me, so it's bound to turn out delicious. ♥ ... E-Eh? What are those groans for? Hey, it's true! Shindou-san's cakes are always amazing, and anyway, how can you not like cake!? ... What do you mean by "braisin"? Oh, I get it: you guys must like raisins a lot, huh! Well, it is possible to add raisins to this recipe, you know, or some other fruit or chocolate. Lots of things go with vanilla, so don't be so quick to judge!

Anyway, now that I have your attention again, let's get to it, shall we? The oven's already been set, as you can see, as has this pan here. That means we just have to mix the ingredients! Okay, you can do this, Uru! Control! First we mix the sugar and butter together in a medium-sized bowl like this until they form a cream ... Perfect! Next is the two eggs. Carefully now; that's one, and that's-- OW! Hey, you, the toucan up the back! What's the big idea! We don't need extra eggs, especially not on me, thank you very much! Now kindly stop being a nuisance please.

Sorry about that! Where were we? After we beat in the eggs, we add the rest: that's vanilla, flour, baking powder and milk. That's it! I told you it was easy. Now we just mix everything together until we have our batter-- Look, Toucan-san, what is your problem!? What's the point of shouting "batter" over and over again when we're already at that stage! And what is that music? Oh, you just wait, once this is over, I'll take a swing at you SO WOULD YOU JUST STOP LAUGHING, YOU JERK!!

... Oooooooh crap, oops, aha. Ha. HaaaaaAAAAH TOUCAN-SAN ARE YOU OKAY!?! T-That batter didn't hurt too much, did it? Oh my god your wing is broken isn't it. We need to get you to a doctor -- o-or maybe a vet right away!! Can someone give me a hand instead of yelling "fowl", please!?

In or out?


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IN: LUCK ♥, Gosalyn.

OUT: Utena

ABSTAIN: everyone else, until i finish wrapping christmas presents. :|b
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
Utena apper
Hey! If it isn't too much trouble, could I ask for crit?
Delita Heiral: it is the mind that makes the body richctrlaltdelita on December 22nd, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
IN FOR ALL except an abstain on Utena and Chikane for beta. UTENA I AM SORRY FOR BEING A FAIL-BETA IF YOU DON'T GET IN PLEASE REAPP ♥

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Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!: 5. To hurt is to lovelaserdragon on December 22nd, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)

ilu long time for loving Utena enough to app, but this app really didn't do it for me. I should note here, that I am really, really damn picky about appers from SKU, and so I hope my crit doesn't come out as too harsh, because there was nothing that I would say that was out of character or "bad" about your app. That being said, it read as kind of "generic shouty protagonist," and while, yeah, Utena can be a much less strongly defined personality when compared to the rest of the cast, I want to see an app that can hone in on those little difference. She generally has a pretty amusing reaction to all the weirdness she sees at Ohtori, and I'd like to see more of that in your app.

I'll uhm. Stew on it and see if I can't give you some better crit than that. :|a
(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
Utena apper
Oh not at all, I really appreciate the crit you gave me! Thank you so much for taking the time. ♥
Re: Utena apper - laserdragon on December 22nd, 2008 03:54 am (UTC) (Expand)
Rayna (Nin): Sunny daysningen_demonai on December 22nd, 2008 03:51 am (UTC)
Oh, I can tell Tendou Souji is gonna be a lot of fun to watch in camp. XD
風間 大介 (Kazama Daisuke): [M] Morality improverriderpowamakeup on December 22nd, 2008 03:54 am (UTC)
Tendou Souji is a very epic man and it's only a matter of time before somebody tries to punch his face. |Db Possibly by another Rider too.
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Radu Barvon: abuh?dieinnafire on December 22nd, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
Out on Utena, In on Souji & Himemiya

Abstain on the rest, poke if you want me to reread.
Except Luck because of major bias ahaha ♥
Ladd Russo: Best two out of twomostly_armless on December 22nd, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
I'm in the middle of making dinner, so I'll have to come back to the rest later, but of what I've done so far:

IN for Souji and Eli
OUT on Utena and Luck

Luck -- Luck! I am really excited to see somebody re-apping Luck! I liked your canon section fine, but when it came to the app, the voice just...wasn't doing it for me. There were several places where it didn't sound like Luck to me at all. "but hey, who am I to question the strange and unusual" particularly just...didn't sound like something Luck would ever say.

Okay, and finishing up, that was OUT on Uru and IN on the other two.

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morning is mocking mexen0glossy on December 22nd, 2008 04:05 am (UTC)
I think that was an all in.
Edward: halloweenexpert_slash on December 22nd, 2008 04:09 am (UTC)
um, Gosalyn was my in.

Luck -- I have a huge crush on Luck Gandor and I would love to see him come back to camp, but I didn't feel like the voice in this app was right for him. The novels make a point of Luck being polite and well-spoken, and the first two paragraphs of your app felt too casual/informal to me. The third paragraph was better, but I want to see his self-control and reserve reflected more consistently.

...Will crit for others if you want. [or, you know, poke me if you want me to re-read, because I think I was getting fuzzy-headed and possibly over critical there.]

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(Anonymous) on December 22nd, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
Eli Apper
I would love some crit, if that's all right? &hearts
Re: Eli Apper - expert_slash on December 22nd, 2008 04:34 am (UTC) (Expand)